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David Michael is a life-style and portrait photographer based in Central PA, and covering assignments and projects in New York City, Philadelphia, Cincinnati and LA. Formerly a professional opera singer, Photography has been a life-long interest that he now pursues as a creative outlet in addition to work in Consumer Marketing. Over the last eight years as a photographer, he has continued to develop his technical skill and creative instincts bringing an artist's eye to photographing the people and places he encounters during his travels. He continues to study the work of both contemporary and modern masters of the medium to develop style and find ideas and inspiration. Awards for his work include a gold medal First Prize for Popular Photography and Imaging Magazine's 2007 Travel Photo of the Year.





I choose to specialize in portraiture because people fascinate me and I enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the special internal essence that communicates something unique and beautiful about an individual. The challenge is to get that expression to come out in an honest and natural way through what is essentially an artificial process that can often make people feel vulnerable and exposed. I do my best to build a connection with everyone I photograph that allows them to feel secure and comfortable - even as I am asking something daring of them.


I attempt to create striking and provocative images that are fun, entertaining or thought provoking as well as beautiful. One of my main goals is to make every client look their best and therefore feel great about themselves and the work that we undertake together. I approach each shoot with extreme professionalism and a sense of being on a creative journey. I especially enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with others who feel a passion for artistic adventures. I am most pleased when I am able to deliver memorable images that delight clients, outside viewers and myself.

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